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SGML/XML specialist.

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Key Skills

  • XML: DTD, XSLT & CSS development.
  • SGML: DTD and application development.
  • Adobe ® FrameMaker®: Frame® Developer's Kit, & SGML API development.
  • Adobe Certified Expert for FrameMaker 7.0.

Recent Projects

  • An XSLT stylesheet to import Arabic XML documents into Word®.
  • A filter to export a FrameMaker document as XML and then recreate the original FrameMaker document directly from the XML (similar functionality to MIF).
  • XML DTD, and style sheets for electronic Aeronautical Information Publications.
  • SGML DTD and application for describing a steam locomotive's history.


I am currently working for Mekon Ltd., as a Senior XML/SGML Consultant.

Previous employers include:

  • Adobe Systems Europe Ltd. (Supporting developers of Adobe FrameMaker+SGML SGML & API applications);
  • Program Products Ltd. (Technical support coordination);
  • InterEurope Technical Services Ltd. (SGML & Adobe FrameMaker+SGML consultant);
  • Datazone Ltd. (SGML, Adobe FrameMaker & Unix technical support);
  • British Gas plc. (Development of programs to calculate gas properties)


Temperature Compensation of Surface Acoustic Waves on Berlinite.
Ph.D. thesis (Bedford College, London University, 1981).

Personal Information

Non Work-Related

I am married to Julia, with two children (and a cat). My interests include: family history; railways (researching and modelling); photography; music (listening and playing); and reading.

In my spare time I have created some other web sites:

  • Searle.org.uk. Some information I have collected while researching my family's history.
  • The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway. An expanding site aiming to provide details of this historic railway to researchers and modellers.
  • 5 & 9 Models: derives its name from the old Bingo call: "5 & 9, the Brighton Line". Run by enthusiast Chris Cox, he aims to provide simple kits for models of very early London Brighton and South Coast Railway prototypes.
  • Ruxley Church, in West Ewell. This is the web site for two congregations of different traditions in the process of joining together as an Ecumenical Partnership (LEP).

Contact Details

I live in Epsom in Surrey in the UK. I can be contacted by email: .

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